Zamora Middle School (South San ISD) Christmas Stories

The students of Zamora Middle School (South San ISD) have shared some Christmas stories with us. Enjoy, and please share.

Christmas Stories

The Christmas Tree Inside - By: Andres Obando, 6th Grade
A week before Christmas me and my brother tree were talking. We were talking about how he likes when the birds land on him and play on him. He said he likes listening to them chirping because he says it’s peaceful. But then all I heard was my brother screaming in pain, and then they got me to! After they chopped us down they put us in the back of a truck. Me and my brother tree were really scared, because we didn’t know where they were taking us. All of a sudden we were taken off the truck, and they put my brother tree outside. And they put me inside, and it felt like The Sahara desert! Because there were a lot of lights on and the heater was on! They were putting red and green ornaments on me, and it was LOUD inside. I couldn't even sleep, (sigh) my brother tree must be so lucky to be outside in the snow where it’s nice and cool. Finally it was the end of Christmas and they cleaned me off. Then they put me and my brother tree into the back of the truck again. I was joyful to be reunited with him.

The Christmas Tree Outside - By: Josue Obando, 6th Grade
Sometime in December my brother, who was a tree just like me, said how he hates when birds land on him. All of a sudden I felt pain in my trunk. I could see people dragging me and my brother to the back of a truck. We were on the road for about an hour until the truck stopped. The people from before took me off the truck and placed me in their yard. I guess they want me to be a decoration. It was freezing outside, it felt like negative 500 degrees! I started to get jealous when I saw a snowman with a scarf on. But then I saw my brother inside the house! He looked warm and cozy inside. Then the people decorated me with shiny objects and lights. I stood there until finally in January I got put back in the truck. My brother came on the truck too and I was finally able to talk to him again. We talked about our crazy Christmas experiences.

A Christmas Elf - By: Ronaldo Aguilar, 7th Grade
Today I went to make presents for the big day that ya'll call Christmas had felt like my body was about to explode. The toys they wanted were so heavy. I brought a friend of mine that knows a lot about what we do most of the time when we are here. ¨What we elves do each day when we are with Santa is we pack up some toys for the boys we give them robots and for the girls the get a barbies so we can send it to those kids who have been good this whole month and coal for the others who have been bad. When it is Christmas we have to monitor each house Santa is going in to make sure that every kid is asleep so they don't see him but after we finish we take a deep sleep until the next time it is Christmas.

My Life as an Elf - By: Daniela N Rodriguez Villalobos, 8th Grade
Hello my name is Patrick and I am one of the Santa's elves. It's Christmas Eve and it was a very busy day because I had to help the other elves finish wrapping the gifts for the little kids. I love helping because it makes the little ones happy. After we are done, I like to make hot cocoa with my little friends and we like watching our favorite movie, The Grinch, because he learns to love Christmas. That night Santa picks a few elves to help him drop off the presents to the children. I am happy when he picks me to help. Santa is very happy because he gets to make the kids' dreams come true. He gives them presents that make them excited, so that's the thing that he wants, to make the kids happy. After we drop off the presents, my day starts all over again until it's Christmas again.

My Favorite Christmas Movie - By: Eternitie Medina, 8th Grade
My favorite Christmas movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Even though most people consider it a Halloween movie I think it is both a Christmas and Halloween movie because it has both holidays. Also it is my favorite movie because I would always watch it with my dad when I was little. It is also my favorite movie because I love the characters and how they look and how they are designed. My favorite character in the movie is Sally because I love the way her character looks and how even though Jack, as Santa, ignores her, she still tries to help him steal Christmas. In the end, they succeed in stealing Christmas. Even though I did not get to watch the movie with my dad, I enjoyed watching it and remembered our time together.

Peppermint Patty's Christmas Adventure - By: Joslynn Utley, 8th Grade
Hi my name is Peppermint Patty and I'm one of Santa's elves. I love going on rides with Santa to drop off gifts. My favorite part about being an elf is helping make all the toys for boys and girls. My favorite drink is hot cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows, and peppermint sprinkles. I love to drink it with my elf friends on a cold winter’s night. Every Christmas after we're done delivering gifts with Santa, we go outside and have a snowball fight. It's so much fun, then we give each other gifts then head off to bed. Ps: Santa's beard is real and he dyes white it every month.

Taking Care of a Reindeer - By Keira Ramos, 8th Grade
If I was given a reindeer to take care of I would first I would set a proper feeding time and feed it 2.1% of its body weight of hay, pellets and grain, along with grazing greens. I would then vaccinate and deworm it, to protect it from hookworm, blackleg, threadworm and other parasites that can cause my reindeer illness. I will also give my fawn hand picked alfalfa, clover, dandelions, etc. for it to nibble on every day. I should also get it used by multiple people since they bond better with people, while getting my fawn used to people I would also give it a name to make it feel more at home. I would give it a pen on dirt that is covered with 2-4 inches of crushed limestone then have straw shavings on top ( wood shavings work too).

Sparkles Journey! - By: Odyssey Pacheco, 8th Grade
Hi! I'm Santa's helper and my name is Sparkles. Today was a very long day, I had to help Santa wrap all the toys for all the little kids! Now don't get me wrong, I love it so much because I know it brings joy to the children, but it is very tiring! After that I went to go play with my other elf friends outside! We played in the snow and it was so very fun. When we got tired, we decided to go inside for a bit to warm up and for some hot chocolate! A little while later Santa had told me to go feed all the reindeer, so I gave Rudolph and all his other reindeer friends their favorite food, a big leafy green salad with mushrooms. After a very long day of working and playing I went back home, snuggled in bed and went to sleep. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

The Meaning Of Christmas - By: Camila Gonzalez
The lights, the gifts, the bells, that's what Christmas is about, right? A lot of people think that's the meaning of Christmas, especially kids. However, that is not the meaning of Christmas. Even though a lot of people put lights, trees, and decorations up, it's just something they do to celebrate part of it. The meaning of Christmas is to hang out with your family and friends, it's about giving instead of getting, and it's about giving happiness to others. “Giving instead of getting” is something that we need to practice not just this month but all year. Therefore, I challenge you to “give not get” and make this year the greatest Christmas. Let’s focus on love, generosity, and compassion. Hope you now understand what the meaning of Christmas is, also MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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