What does the Southside Mean to You?

We reached out to peers in our Southside community and asked what the “Southside” meant to them. These individuals all contribute to the “Southside” of San Antonio and keep it thriving, There was not one response that didn’t hit home; as we are Southside owned and operated ourselves. Check out their heartfelt responses.

“The southside means the cradle of San Antonio, where things are truly hand made and original to the Tejano culture that developed from when Texas was its own country.” Patricia Butler, Owner of Coffeecionado.

“Southside is loyalty. It about roots and pride. It means taking care of itself from within by investing in your neighbors.” Dr. Altamirano, Casa Salud Family Medicine.

“Southside means to me ..home, family and chingon.” Steve Perez, Owner of Texas Bearded Cartel.

“Originally from the RGV and living and working in the southside feels like HOME. Feels like FAMILY. I have met so many people and have had the opportunity to not only influence their lives, but them influence mine. It is a strong community and I’m excited to be part of the continued growth, impacting as many lives as possible to live a healthier lifestyle.” Estefania Serna Owner of Camp Gladiator San Antonio (South).

“The first 3 things I immediately think of is family, culture and Mexican tradition. I also think its an under served community with huge business potential that could make a positive impact to help with our poverty issues. We are a proud community, but I don’t have to tell you that.” Norman Velez, Owner of Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse.

“The SOUTHSIDE is history, family, culture and has provided me a solid foundation to pursue my work and fulfill my dreams. I also am inspired by the creativity, innovation and hard working spirit of the people around me. To the outsider it might seem simple, but to me the SOUTHSIDE is complex and moving and full of humility and beautiful people.” Andrew Anguiano, CEO of Southside Craft Soda.

“Over my life the Southside has meant many things to me but the one constant was the genuineness of the people, culture and environment. We wear our heart on our sleeve and although we are extremely hard on each other on the surface, we will do anything to help each other out.” Antonio Guillen Owner of Trifecta Strength and Conditioning.

“The Southside to me means familia, hard work, tradition, and pride. We enter the world knowing that we will have to work harder than others to succeed and we wear that with pride and use it as fuel to power our dreams. We aren’t strangers to the struggle, we come from it, we embrace it, we learn from it, and it makes us stronger.” Aaron Pena, Entrepreneur, The Squeezebox.

“Southside is where my roots are and where I grew to flourish while keeping it puro. It’s my territory of unity and comfort from the people I love and the places that we enjoy together. Southside is my humble piece of pie and the culture I thrive on that makes me who I am.” Luisa Garcia, Blogger, San Antonio Socialista.

“It’s the community that welcomed me with open arms 28 yrs ago, when I made San Antonio my home. It’s the community that helped teach my husband and I, how to be good, hardworking and supportive parents, when he and I decided to start a family 18 years ago. It’s the community that continuously reminds me that I am my children’s only and strongest advocate.” Norma Anel Cavazos, HISD Trustee, Single Member District 4.

“The southside will always be home for me. I’ll never stop working to show the whole city how great our part of town is.” Sara Briseno-Gerrish, Office Manager & Associate Broker at RE/MAX Unlimited San Antonio.

“The Friday night lights at memorial stadium cheering on the green and gold & the women’s portion chicken fried steak at Bud Jones, the joyous feeling we feel for each other’s achievements & the coming together as a community in a time of need. But most of all for me no matter where I choose to reside or have my place of business, I’ll always come back to the Southside; it’s in my DNA, it’s in my heart.” Roxanne Quintero, Owner/Founder of the Fideo Loco Festival and Miss Plus Size San Antonio Pageant.

“Southside is a community of people that makes you feel like family. From neighbors, community to small businesses that love is there and it’s hard to describe, that’s why you should experience it for yourself. Pride is there, even if you leave you always find your way back because it’s just a part of you and your culture.” Eric Velasquez, Candidate for Texas House of Representatives District 118.

“The Southside is home; you take it with you wherever you go. It’s rich in unity, culture, history, festivities, and the greatest restaurants. It’s a part of who you are and something no one can ever take away from you and what makes San Antonio so special.” April Monterrosa, Owner of Live From The Southside.

“The southside means my roots! It has Mexico in it and where you can find all the authentic tacos, candies and snacks!” Joey Rodriguez, Owner Paleteria San Antonio.

“Home, Family & Friends…and there is a fierce loyalty to these 3 pillars of our holy trinity!
It’s also where SA began, the true SA culture. Even though I’ve been here 30 years those born on the SS know this. It’s not something they learned from reading a book or taking a tour. And that’s very, very special.” Cindy Taylor, Executive Director, Hot Wells Conservancy.

“The Southside is where I grew up, where I went to school, where I work and where I live!” Beatrice Briseno, Broker of Récord at RE/MAX Unlimited San Antonio.

“Every day I wake up, it’s the first thing on my mind. When I put on my South Chamber shirt, I wear it as a badge of pride. I love living, working, playing on the coolest side of town.” Al Arreola, CEO of the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

“When I think of the South Side, I think community. We have a culture where our beliefs are honesty, a warm smile and a good handshake. You will not find friendlier and more loyal people than the people who live on the South Side!” Andrew Guevara, The Voice of the South San Bobcats.

“I love the Southside because our city’s history starts here, from our missions to our urban legends. My family’s history is on the Southside; so many memories. From going to St. Francis, cruising military, and eating at Don Pedro’s at night after a quince with my friends. I live in the southside and continue to make memories with friends and family. The Southside is more than a side of town, it’s where my heart lays.” Emilie Garcia Herrera, Owner of Folklores Coffee House.

“Southside of San Antonio,Texas means to me, tons of family traditions. Many memories were made, and many times we learned how to make something big from something small.” Oscar Castillo, Founder/Executive Director of Fin Addict Angler Foundation.

“It is where my parents settled, bought a home to raise me and my siblings. It is where memories were formed and still exist. Where we learned to ride bikes, where we skipped, hopped and jump with the neighborhood kids. It’s where my heart and soul will always be. My dad would take me riding on the original “Mission Trails”, and the days we spent together at Mission County Park and watching movies at Mission Drive Inn. No place like the Southside with our own river and rich history.”
Tricia Ann Fayadh, Owner of Poodle in Pink.

“The Southside to me means family, good food, and good times. It’s means childhood memories and many many experiences that made me who I am today. The southside just feels like home, there is no other place like it.” Tammi Solis, Blogger, Girl Unfinished.

“The Southside means home. It means comfort food, mi raza, random dogs getting it on in my front yard, and a profound love for my community. It also means family, blood relatives or not, we’re all Southsiders.” Tito Caballero, Radio host at 104.5 Latino hits.

“The Southside means so much to me, it hold tradition, growth, power, values and the simple life. The Southside is so rich in culture, history and tradition, it’s an experience and with all its growth, it’s still laid back.” Susan Janeth Gomez-Maldonado, Owner of Fiesta Couture.

“The Southside is the epicenter of culture, history and familia. I always laugh when someone gasps when I say we live on the Southside… you don’t understand, it’s a part of the city where incredible advances in all facets of our economy are happening. Historical landmarks, music, education, agriculture, the best local food and beverage businesses, science and technology, manufacturing, and the only side of town you can get an elote en vaso, wine en un vaso and experience amazing art, walk the river reach, ride a horse, dance at the park to live music and I can go on and on! The Southside is my home and heart, not just for my family, but my business as well.” Danielle Sheldon-Espinoza, Owner of Lustrous Public Relations.

“Entrepreneurial, thriving, passionate people and community. Descriptive what it means to me; the beating heart of the community.” Janie Martinez Gonzalez, Latina CEO of Webhead Digital.

“The Southside is a very strong family oriented community. Faith based and culturally supported.” Lillyana Carpio aka Mamarazzii, Owner of Lillyana Carpio Photography.

“When I think of the Southside, I think of a huge family. Always friendly and willing to help each other out. You can literally start a conversation with anybody. That’s what I love about the Southside.” Robert Reyna, Owner of Zeus Delivery.

“The Southside for me is home. I grew up watching people help each other, whether it was watching each other’s children or helping to cut the neighbors lawn because they are elderly. I live in a community where people tend to care for each other and that’s exactly where I want to be.” Crystal Vargas, CEO of Crystal Vargas Marketing.

The Southside is the best side. Even the thugs & hustlers have old school respect. Where else can you go to get this rich history & juicy chisme?” Roy Aguillion, The Carpenter’s Apprentice

“The southside is home its unique in its ways its A town within a town. We watch out for one another support each other like family.” Laura Galvan Guice, Owner of PDQ Tax.

“The Southside is where great memories are made, good food is passed around the table, awesome backyard BBQ’s happen, Tejano hits come to fruition, full of good people, hard working people, a place of comfort but more importantly it’s home to me and so many others! The Southside will always hold a special place in my heart and is the foundation of my family and business. I love the Southside community and what it represents!” Carlos Gilley Mendoza, Owner of Gilley International Group.

“Being a part of the Southside community gives me a feeling of belonging. Nature and history are just a few minutes away along the San Antonio River and our Missions National Historic Park and couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.” Josie Gutierrez, Latino Outdoors Program Coordinator.

“The Southside means Home, and Opportunity. A lot of stories are coming out about our southside family helping one another during the virus lockdown. That’s beautiful to see, but not a surprise! We’ll be the first part of town to climb out of the financial hole because of our support of one another…just watch!!” Desi I. Martinez, Attorney at Martinez & Associates, PLLC.

“The Southside of San Antonio to me means home. Sweet memories of the good ole days. When all the kids in the neighborhood played in the middle of the street. And you can smell your moms cooking from the street and she would yell for you to come inside. In the Southside of San Antonio it’s all about familia and standing by one another.” Laura M. Acosta, CEO of Bossy Latinas Network.

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