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Clarissa’s Therapeutic Massage

Living on the Southside most of my life, one thing I hear a lot is, “there are no places for a good massage in the south side.” I decided to look around myself and found out, that’s not true. I recently visited Clarissa’s Therapeutic Massage to get some kinks and knots worked out.

Licensed massage therapist Clarissa Torres and owner of the massage business has been licensed for over 10 years. She not only provides an outstanding massage, she is also very knowledgeable and educates you on what and why you should incorporate massage into your life regularly.Clarrisa's Theraputic Massage Therapy

10 Reasons to Visit Clarissa’s Therapeutic Massage

Here are 10 benefits Clarissa mentioned about receiving a monthly massage:

  1. Relieve stress
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Manage low-back pain
  4. Help fibromyalgia pain
  5. Reduce muscle tension
  6. Enhance exercise performance
  7. Relieve tension headaches
  8. Sleep better
  9. Promote relaxation
  10. Lower joint replacement pain

The Academy for Massage graduate is a pro at her craft. I not only did I feel relaxed, I slept a full night and was relieved of my neck and upper back tension. Since then, I have become a regular client.Clarrisa's Theraputic Massage Therapy

Clarissa specializes in deep tissue massage, sports massage, and headache & sinus massage. If you are new to massage therapy and not sure what type of service to schedule, Clarissa gives you a consultation right before your massage to discuss your problematic areas.

Clarissa’s Therapeutic Massage is located at 3857 E Southcross Suite #167, San Antonio, Texas 78222. To schedule your massage appointment, visit her facebook page or call or text: 210-290-7266.

Therapeutic Massage Benefits

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