Two Food Truck Parks are coming to the Southside of San Antonio

Not one, but two new food truck parks are coming to the Southside of San Antonio and we are super excited about it!

Food truck “parks” are permanent food truck centers, often with seating, restrooms, and live music, and have been popping up from coast to coast but, there has never been one on the South side of San Antonio.

Advocates of food truck parks say they can revitalize neighborhoods, bringing business to little-visited areas and offering dining options where there once were few. Since trucks have much lower start-up costs than brick and mortar restaurants, they’re a way for new chefs and food truck owners to establish themselves in the community.

The Southside community will have 2 locations to choose from and showcase some of the city's most well-known food trucks.

The “Ya Tu Sabe” Food Truck Park is scheduled to have a soft opening in November. Owners and entrepreneurs Arturo Chavarria and Yaneth Vazquez wanted to give their fellow food truck business owners more opportunity to grow their businesses and connect with more customers.

Ya Tu Sabe Food Truck Park's location will soon be announced.

For more information on Ya Tu Sabes Food Truck Park, contact Arturo Chavarria at 210-833-1052.

If you grew up in the South San Antonio Independent School District, then you’re sure to remember the Zamora Batting Cages located on 1120 Gillette. What was once a place where many athletes practiced for their big games, will soon be converted to a food truck park.

La Esquina Food Truck Park owner Chris Gonzales mentioned a soft opening sometime this month.

For more information on La Esquina Food Truck Park, contact Chris Gonzales at 210-459-3621

What are some of your favorite food trucks? What cuisine types would you like to come to the Southside?




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