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What I am doing for the Southside San Antonio community

My name is April Monterrosa and for me, Southside San Antonio is more than just any other place. It’s a community, a place where we can hang out, the place where I grew up and where I acquired a lot of memories. It’s also a thriving location from an economic standpoint, since more and more businesses are gravitating towards the area. I believe that many companies can achieve the growth they have in mind, and the potential can indeed be limitless. That’s why I am very excited to do my part and assist people in this region as much as possible.

My background

I am a published author that was featured in multiple magazines like SAXtreme Magazine and Good Housekeeping and a certified Tourism Ambassador for the City of San Antonio. On top of that, I am a part of the Texas Auto Writers Association, as well as a Miss Plus San Antonio Pageant, a James Avery artisan Jewelry ambassador, and the President of the Scooby Van of San Antonio Southside Chapter.

Sharing the special side of Southside San Antonio

It’s very important for me to showcase the true value, appeal and amazing things you can find in San Antonio. I believe this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and on top of that it has a lot of business potential. My writing career started 10 years ago, while covering the small Texas towns, and I focused on traveling. The main focus was to inspire readers to try out new things and explore extraordinary places all over Texas.

Nowadays, I am the founder and editor-in-chief of the Live from the Southside website and publication where I cover everything related to this beautiful region. I believe it’s very important to not only support the local community, but also inform them about the latest events, deals, releases and other relevant information.

I am covering everything from travel content and events for the Southside San Antonio community to new launches in the food industry for the region, as well as product launches, nonprofits and many others. I also believe it’s my mission to inform everyone about local culture, donations and other important cultural events taking place in the region. At the same time, I also share wellness and self-care content or any news related to this industry. Lastly, I also cover any type of business or educational news/launches/features for the San Antonio region and throughout Texas.

It’s very important for me to help people in Southside San Antonio to express themselves, while also getting access to the services they need. I am deeply focused on making the Southside San Antonio community grow, expand, while also bringing it access to all the services, information and content they need. It’s my focus to make a difference, while helping the community grow!

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