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Live From The Southside is a family-friendly informational media outlet that helps San Antonio residents and visitors find things to do in the South side of San Antonio, Texas and surrounding communities. “Southside” owned and operated, we work to improve and expand community relationships through promoting positive events, stories, and businesses.

South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Media Partnership

Live From The Southside was officially launched in February of 2019 and became partnered with the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in August of 2019. The partnership’s mission it to join forces and bring South side community awareness to residents and visitors.

Our Audience and Demographics

Live From The Southside readers, followers, and subscribers are some of the most influential people in San Antonio, Texas, and beyond! With a dependable, growing audience that values our coverage and community engagement, we offer area businesses and organizations a unique opportunity to connect with a motivated market.

According to our Google Analytics, our audience is:

55% Male

Ages 18-65+

85% from San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Our Social Media

In addition to our website, we also have the following reach:

Newsletter: 5,000+ subscribers

Facebook: 6,200+ Followers

Instagram: 1,200+ Followers

Twitter: 280+ Followers

Topics We Share

  • Art
  • Education
  • Local Businesses
  • Cultural and Food Events
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Tourism, Travel, & Leisure

Work with Us

While we exist to help support and promote local businesses, events, and/or products like yours, our sponsored content helps keep Live From The Southside running. Unlike other media outlets, we’re committed to advertising for the South side of San Antonio and surrounding community-based businesses only.

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