The Selfie Box on the Southside

The Selfie Box is here to take the reigns and present you with a very interesting, and exciting museum that really stands out of the crowd with its creativity, colors and unique ideas. The fun place is located on the Southside of San Antonio at 1602 SW Military Dr., San Antonio, TX 78221 and been open since February 13 2021. Owners Cesar Ramos and Michael Reyes combined their focus on entrepreneurship, social media, and hard work to really bring in something spectacular to the community.

What can you find in The Selfie Box?

The Selfie Box allows people to immerse themselves into the experience as much as possible. There are 10 art rooms here and also 4 interactive spaces. All of these rooms have their own ring lights on hand, so you can easily take pictures, and adapt the lighting in order to create cool, bright images. One of the creators is actually an architecture student and came up with the floor plan and the room ideas.

Visit The Selfie Box today

The Selfie Box does comply with the social distancing measures, so you do have a maximum of 12 people allowed in the museum every hour. Visitors also have to wear a mask too, yet you can remove the mask if you want to take photos. General admission is $16.99 - $19.99 per hour and you can purchase your tickets here.

Once you’re inside this amazing selfie museum, you will be amazed with its great features. All you need is to give it a try for yourself! Share your photos with us by using our hashtag #LiveFromTheSouthside.

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