The Barbacoa & Big Red Festival, What’s in Store for Next Year?

This year's Barbacoa & Big Red Festival had a new location, more attendees than expected, and extremely hot and humid weather. It's pretty common for large events not to always go as smoothly as anticipated. That’s what happened at this year’s fest according to larger media outlets and social media posts. barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

Though the lines were long, the heat was unbearable, and beverages at the fest may have ran low or out, there were quite a few great things that came from the festival. For one, what to do and what not to do, to make it a even greater success next year.barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

Yes, we know, the lines were ridiculously long, but it was for our own safety as each attendee was required to pass through security check. Next year they will probably have more staff members available so the lines can move a bit faster.barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

Due to thousands of attendees at the Barbacoa & Big Red Festival, vendors big and small had a prosperous day. Whether they were San Antonio locally owned businesses or from other surrounding areas, supporting small business owners is always a good thing.barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

Another pro to having so many people flock over to the festival was all the exposure our South side San Antonio community received from people who don’t frequent our part of town or have never been. Many people from out of town also drove in to attend the festival.barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

Several complaints were also made about the parking situation. San Antonio isn’t new to how packed festivals get and the parking frustrations that come along with attending them. Things like getting dropped off, Uber, Lyft, and getting to the fest early is something to take in consideration for next year. barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

This year, the Barbacoa & Big Red Festival had a much bigger music line-up. We were able to get more acquainted with our local musical talent, familiar and new, and end the evening with a country music favorite.barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

On the Barbacoa & Big Red Festival Facebook page, aside from the many negative comments, there are also positive ones, and even suggestions such as moving the venue to a cooler month, adding more places to sit down at, shaded areas with fans and water misters, making it pet friendly, and keeping the PETA people out of the festival.barbacoa & big red festival - san antonio

We attended the festival along with a group of out of town travel bloggers we were co-hosting with the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. We saw many people dancing, drinking Big Red, and enjoying all the barbacoa tacos despite how hot it was.Big Red Soda

On the bright side, the Barbacoa & Big Red Festival team seem to be open to the feedback, comments, and criticism made by their social media followers and are trying their best to respond accordingly. Like any first run, it’s always a learning experience and a way to make things better for the next time around.

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