The 2019 Texas LoopFest

The Texas LoopFest is a music and technology performance arts festival.  From March 11th through the 16th, 21 artists from 4 countries are coming to San Antonio for 7 shows in 6 days.  Artists will be performing at the San Antonio Airport, art galleries, bars, and the Mission Marquee Plaza.  Featured artists include Liz Ruvalcaba and Violoncheloops from Guadalajara, Mexico.

What is “looping?” Basically, it’s using hardware and/or software technologies to instantly record and play back sound. It began decades ago with magnetic tape. Since then, it has expanded through technologies and genres across the globe knowing no boundaries for niche or style and made famous by international superstars Ed Sheeran, KT Tunstall, and Reggie Watts

The fest kicks off Monday, March 11th with a preview show at the San Antonio Airport in Terminal A. King William’s own Noah Peterson will host the show with his Solo Sax Sessions. He will be joined by international artists as they land in San Antonio for a jam and improv session. Tuesday, March 12th is at The Friendly Spot (941 S. Alamo) from 6 pm to 8 pm as part of the “Down in Southtown” Contemporary Art night and will feature artists from Mexico. Texas LoopFest

Wednesday, March 13th is at Concrete Gallery (116 Lonestar Blvd) starting at 6 pm. This show will be intimate and ambient. Thursday, March 14th is at Halcyon (1414 S. Alamo) and starts at 8 pm. Performers from Costa Rica, Mexico, Holland, and San Antonio will be featured with GrooveTronX hosting the night with their unique style of “group loop” combining hardware and software technologies. Friday, March 15th is at the Colonial Hills United Methodist Church (5247 Vance Jackson). The Friday night showcase will feature our traveling artists mixed with local performers for a night of serious music in a serious space. Saturday, March 15th is the main showcase with two performances. The day starts off at the Mission Marquee Plaza (3100 Roosevelt) from 10 am-2 pm for an outdoor showcase which kicks off the Saturday Markets at Mission Marquee. The night show lands back in the Southtown hood at El Luchador (622 Roosevelt) and will be packed with talent and fun featuring Texans, U.S. artists and our guests from abroad.

Complete line-ups for who is playing on what night and when is online at Links to artist websites and video recorded performances from previous festivals are there along with Facebook links for those who want to personally interact with the festival and performers.

All shows are free to attend, family friendly, and supported by your donations.

Here's our show list:

March 11: San Antonio Airport 12:30 pm-4:30 pm

March 12: The Friendly Spot- 6 pm-8 pm

March 13: Concrete Gallery- 6 pm

March 14: Halcyon- 8 pm-2 am

March 15: Colonial Hills United Methodist Church- 6 pm

March 16: Mission Marquee Plaza10 am-2 pm

March 16: El Luchador- 6:30 pm-2 am

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