Steve Tobin “Rooted” Takes Hold at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

Nature-inspired sculptures by the globally renowned artist will be on view April 16 through October 30, 2022 - Source: Noisy Trumpet

 The San Antonio Botanical Garden announces the debut of its newest exhibition, Rooted, by acclaimed contemporary artist Steve Tobin. More than 20 towering, nature-inspired sculptures will be on view throughout the Garden from April 16 through October 30, 2022. 

Artist Steve Tobin selected San Antonio for the world debut of his new sculptures, along with some of his favorites, to create the largest monumental sculpture exhibition of his 40-year career. 

“I look at nature in a different way than others. So, you get to see my interpretation,” says artist Steve Tobin. “Roots are unearthed and clouds are at your feet. My work is meant for the art disenfranchised. You don’t need to be an art lover to appreciate what I do.”

To learn more about the Steve Tobin “Rooted” exhibition and to purchase tickets please visit, 

Experience the forces of nature through the artist’s eyes including root systems towering up to 30-feet high, polished clouds resting on earth, bronze steel egg-laden nests reaching up six (6) feet into the sky, south Texas heat-tolerant massive icicles, and spiraling tornadoes affectionately named, “twisties.” The exhibition also features Tobin’s Steelroots and Bronze Root series exposing nature’s strength, grace, and complexities. 

Tobin describes his initial inspiration for his art came after encountering a fallen tree. “I saw the power of the unseen being seen.” Tobin credits the unearthing of what was hidden, and the revelation of the roots' intricacies as the impetus to begin creating his vision of nature’s perfection. Tobin studied mathematics, not art and considered himself initially as an outsider. He adds, “I was always going to be a scientist.” 

San Antonio Botanical Garden CEO Sabina Carr calls Tobin’s work “one-of-a-kind” and has been wanting to share his art for years after a personal encounter.

“I first experienced Steve’s work while on a hike up the side of a mountain at the botanical garden in Vail, Colorado back in 2009. As I crested the trail, an undulating massive white sculpture stood in the distance reaching for the bluebird sky and it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I knew then and there I wanted to share his work with thousands of people one day. And I’m so thankful that dream has come to life more than a decade later!” says Carr. 

She adds, “He begs you to look deeper to the wondrous and complex root systems that make all life on this planet possible. He invites you to dig deeper into what you really see when you experience his art.” 

In addition to the nature-inspired sculptures, there will be root-inspired events and programs throughout the exhibition's tenure at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. 

ABOUT THE SAN ANTONIO BOTANICAL GARDEN Located in San Antonio, Texas, the San Antonio Botanical Garden, is a nonprofit botanical garden which embellishes the community with a myriad of native and imported plant life since 1980. Nationally recognized for their commitment to outstanding displays, botanical diversity, education, environmental stewardship, and experiences that connect people to the natural world. The Garden is a top San Antonio attraction that serves as a museum of plants, tranquil escape, living classroom, research and conservation facility as well as an entertainment venue where art, architecture, music and theater experiences come to life. To learn more please visit

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