Southtown Chiropractic’s LED Acupuncture Facial Treatment

We were invited to Southtown Chiropractic to experience their LED Acupuncture Facial. Southtown Chiropractic is located at 1802 S. St. Mary’s Street in San Antonio’s Southtown and owned by Dr. Cynthia Gans. As soon you enter the clinic, the staff graciously greets you and has you fill out an intake form to learn more about your concerns and what results you expect from your treatment.

*Note: Be sure to show up with a clean face and no makeup. *

Not sure what to expect? Dr. Cynthia Gans verbally analyzes your skin as she goes over your intake form and thoroughly explains the process of the LED Acupuncture Facial. What does facial acupuncture do? It stimulates blood flow to the face, improving the delivery of oxygen, fluid and nutrients to produce a “dewy” appearance. With the increase in collagen production facial acupuncture gives, it also tightens facial muscles and smooths wrinkles.

Being that we’ve never experienced a LED Acupuncture Facial treatment before, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Another concern was the needles, but we braved up to try this out. Thankfully, it wasn’t painful at all, however, in some areas you will feel a quick prick.

Before Dr. Cynthia Gans starts the treatment, she has you wash your face with a cleanser, dry it, and apply a serum. After you’ve washed your face, she explains where she would be placing the needles and what results you will see afterwards.

After all the needles are placed on your face, you’ll lay down on a table under the LED lamp. If you’re not familiar with what LED light does to your skin, it also stimulates collagen production and improves circulation to the face. You’re under the lamp for about 20 minutes and after your time is up, Dr. Gans removes all the needles and has you apply moisturizer on your face.

After the treatment was over, we didn’t notice any markings on our faces where the needles were placed or any redness.  We did notice a smoother forehead frown wrinkle and a bit of lifting in our cheeks.

Although it was not the same type of facial you would receive in a spa, it was an interesting experience and we did notice a few results afterwards. If you aren’t a fan of spa facials and want to target lines and wrinkles with a quick treatment, this is perfect for you.

For more information on Southtown Chiropractic services and/or the LED Acupuncture Facial, visit their website.

**We did receive a complimentary LED Acupuncture Facial in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own as we always share our personal thoughts with our readers. **

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