Southside Teen Organization Providing Blankets for Child Cancer Patients

“Tying Knots of Love” is an organization that is dedicated to bringing warmth and hugs through blankets for childhood Cancer patients.

Magdalena Keller is a student at Harlandale Independent School District and what began as a way to raise money for her brother, has turned into a movement to help other families feel a little better when in the fight against Cancer. 

For the past 5 years, her older brother Caleb has been fighting cancer, since the age of 15.

From Magdalena, “It has been very rough getting through this fight for the whole family, but mostly for Caleb. But there are happy hospital moments too. I remember looking up from my homework to see Caleb with a big smile whenever he would receive a gift from an organization, from poke balls to blankets. I remember how stale all the hospital rooms were. All these memories have led me to want to do more for the fighters and their siblings. With that in mind I have started this foundation to make blankets for the fighters and their siblings. As you might imagine, my parents are having financial struggles with hospital bills and cannot fund my endeavor, plus I would like to raise the money for the materials (fabric and tools) on my own. I came up with the solution to raise money. I used my birthday money to buy materials to create one of the first blankets.”

Maggie has  cash app, as well as paypal account to raise money for scissors and yards of fleece. If you are local you can drop donations by Folklores Coffee House, 1526 E. Grayson San Antonio and they will make sure Maggie receives the donations.

You may also contact Tying Knots oOf Love via email at:

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