Southside Spotlight: Norman Velez of Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse

If you enjoy country western dancing, nightclubs or bars, chances are you’ve heard of Norman Velez. So, just who is Norman Velez? He is an everyday man from the Southside of San Antonio with a passion to provide the best entertainment and loads of fun to an otherwise dull week. 

Norman’s goal- To utilize his 20+ years in the bar/nightclub industry to provide the Southside with a family-friendly environment where everyone can gather to relax. His time in the bar/nightclub industry includes being the General Manager at Wild West San Antonio, a country western dance club on Encino Commons Boulevard, since 1998. He was also the Manager at Midnight Rodeo San Antonio, a country western nightclub on Nacogdoches Road, from 1994 to 2000. Also, he is the Owner and Operator of Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse, an upcoming, kid-friendly, pet-friendly open-air beer joint located at 815 Pleasanton Road on San Antonio’s Southside.

Live From The Southside - Broosters Backyard Icehouse
Photo Courtesy of Norman Velez

So, we did some checking around on Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse Facebook page and discovered a few things. First, their grand opening is set for August 2020. Their drink menu will consist of W.L. Weller Wheated Bourbon Whiskey, among other drinks. And they were featured in their first publication in the June 2020 edition of Street Talk Magazine, an entertainment news magazine that focuses on the latest artists, bands and culture of Texas. Pretty cool, eh? 

Norman Velez has been featured as a special guest, a few times, on Late Nights With All Access, a weekly nightlife entertainment talk show in the San Antonio area. He was featured on Episode #53, which aired on February 3, 2020 and Episode #71, which aired on June 15, 2020.

Live From The Southside - Broosters Backyard Icehouse
Pictured with Roy Aguillion of The Carpenter’s Apprentice

Okay, back to Norman Velez himself. So, how exactly does Norman describe himself? Well, in the intro that he posted on the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s website, it reads “Hello my name is Norman Velez and I’m the owner/operator of Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse. I’ve lived on the Southside all my life and truly love my people. Most my career I’ve either worked on the Northside or other cities. I’m excited to invest here on the Southside and apply my 20 years of knowledge towards a venue the Southside can be proud of.” Also, on his LinkedIn profile, it reads “Nightclub/Bar General manager experienced in: Hiring, training, inventory, cost percentages, DJ, bartending, barbecuing, door, promotions, advertising, social media and to many others to mention. I’d say customer service is my strong point.”

Live From The Southside - Broosters Backyard Icehouse
Pictured with April Monterrosa, Owner of Live From The Southside

Who are Mr. Velez’s influences? He says that his “mom was and still is my biggest influence. She raised four of us while going to school and working.”

What are his pastimes? He likes bike rides and playing games with his wife and kids.

Does he have any helpful advice for potential future business owners? He does. He says “Money should not be the sole reason to open a business. If you’re passionate about your business, the hard work won’t seem so hard.”

Norman Velez was born in Miami, Florida and moved to San Antonio’s Southside when he was 8 years old. Currently, Mr. Velez is campaigning to unite small business owners in order to bring more prosperities to San Antonio’s Southside, a journey that he will share with his wife of 20 years and their two sons. Live From The Southside - Broosters Backyard Icehouse

If you would like to follow Norman on his adventures (and you really should), you can find him and Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse on- 

Facebook- Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse and Norman Velez

Instagram- Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse

LinkedIn- Norman Velez

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