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As the saying goes, "you can achieve anything, together!" And that's exactly what these born and raised Southside women did by launching the Southside Real Estate Professionals Group. Whether you're getting ready to buy or sell, or just looking for answers, these professional real estate agents will utilize their top-notch skills to ensure you get the best experience.

Although they are able to help clients in all parts of San Antonio, they want to focus on giving back to their Southside community by creating a network of licensed professionals and by providing knowledge, information, and being the "go-to source" of the real estate industry.


Meet the team:

Meet Priscilla Contreras a graduated from Luther Burbank High School who grew up in the Southside of San Antonio. She has three amazing children and a supportive husband of ten years. Before beginning her career in real estate, she worked in finance at San Antonio ISD. Her passion for helping others and her entrepreneurial drive led her into becoming a Real Estate Agent. Priscilla’s clientele quickly expanded with the support of her fellow alumni and Southside community, for that she is extremely grateful. She has found her true calling in being able to serve her clients and guide them through one of the biggest investments of their lives. Her strong work ethic, integrity, and her determination benefit her clients in the home buying and selling process. Priscilla hopes to be able to provide new and affordable housing for families in her community. Her aspiration is to build a network of other Southside entrepreneurs to build, support, & inspire one another to be successful, no matter where you come from.


Meet Susie Flores a Southside Native and a graduate of South San Antonio High School. Susie is a mother of a beautiful set of twin baby girls, and mentions, being a mother to them is her biggest accomplishment. Prior to obtaining her Real Estate license, she worked in finance at Randolph Brooks FCU. Her passion for real estate started at a young age when she accomplished her first flip in 2013. This milestone opened financial opportunities for her family and a whole new mindset for Susie. For her, fulfillment comes when she can assist families in finding their first or forever home. Susie’s goal is to help make the home buying process as seamless and as smooth as possible using her expertise and family culture she received from her Southside community where she grew up. 

“Homeownership should be obtainable for every individual and every family. My goal is to help make that dream happen as often as possible.”


Meet, Heather Zuniga a 2011 South San Antonio High School graduate. Heather is married to her high school sweetheart of thirteen years and together they have a beautiful son. These young parents were able to achieve the American dream and purchase their very first home at only twenty-two! After the terrible experience, the Zuniga family had, Heather instantly had a change of heart and knew exactly what she wanted to specialize in. With a little bit of time and a solid plan, she was able to accomplish her dream. Heather is now a proudly full-time License Realtor with Offerlist Realty and cherishes the responsibility of educating and guiding her clientele through the home buying and selling processes. Before starting her Real Estate business, Heather spent a few years as a part-time college student at Palo Alto while maintaining full-time employment in financial banking followed by the apartment industry, leaving little to no time for her family, friends, and most importantly herself. As a devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, and friend, she is a natural caregiver that understands the needs of others before hers.


Alyssa GarciaMeet, Alyssa Garcia a Real Estate professional and native to the Southside of San Antonio where her roots run deep. She is a mother of two beautiful boys and a wife to her husband of 4 years. She began her journey in real estate because early on she had a strong desire to acquire investment properties and an entrepreneurial spirit. Alyssa knew she always wanted to run her own business so when she found real estate, she saw the opportunity to merge those two life goals and is now devoted to growing her real estate business while still being home raising her two young boys. Her southside network, friends, and family help her business thrive and she is grateful to have the opportunity to help people in her community and enjoys being their go-to real estate professional. Alyssa mentions her heart is in the Southside, the place she always called home and she wants others to see the beautiful culture and connection the Southside shares. Together, Alyssa and her husband plan to focus on acquiring rentals and flipping homes specifically on the Southside of San Antonio to offer more opportunities for new or native families of the Southside to call home. She aspires to help as many families as possible achieve their homeownership and investing goals and wants to be a resource to help educate her community.


Meet Alejandra Martinez from San Antonio, TX. She was born and raised in the Southside of San Antonio. Alejandra attended Harlandale High School and then furthered her education at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. She has always had a special place in her heart for the Southside because she loves the people, culture, and growth that is continuously developing. She decided to pursue real estate investing to build generational wealth and to become financially free. The majority of her investment properties are located in the Southside as she finds great pleasure in providing a nice quality home for Southside residents. After investing in real estate for some time she soon found herself wanting to be more involved and decided to attain her Realtor License to help and guide others throughout the purchasing and selling process. Educating others has always been a passion of hers and now she’s helping buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their goals.


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