Southside Craft Soda and Where to Find Some

What is craft soda, you ask? Craft soda, compared to standard soda, is made in small batches, using more natural ingredients. More specifically, craft soda doesn’t have an artificial flavor and is sweetened with cane sugar and honey, instead of high fructose corn syrup that is used in traditional soft drinks.

Southside Craft Soda was founded in October of 2017 by Andrew Anguiano and Gregg Spickler, in San Antonio’s Southside. Both Andrew Anguiano and Gregg Spickler previously worked at the Alamo Beer Company, where Anguiano worked in marketing and Spickler worked as a brewer. Spickler is also a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, New York) and a beekeeper.Southside Craft Soda

According to a short video on the company’s YouTube channel, the goal of Southside Craft Soda was “to create a craft beverage that celebrated the diversity of flavors found only in South Texas.” The company opened their first tap in June of 2018, at the Embassy Suites Brooks Hotel & Spa, at their Nineteen 17 Bar.

The reason the company selected San Antonio’s Southside neighborhood, Rob Rodriguez, the company’s partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO), stated, “The neighborhood we’re headquartered has a 37% poverty rate, but also has a World Heritage site right in the middle of it. If we can build a successful craft beverage company in our community, create jobs and share our heritage with visitors, we all win.”

Currently, they are in the process of developing the company’s production facility/ soda taproom/ storefront, at 2904 Mission Road, near the San Antonio Mission Historic District, just south of Mission Concepcion. Recently, Southside Craft Soda and local distributor, Hops & Vines, entered into an agreement to distribute and sell craft soda throughout Texas.

Where to Find Southside Craft Soda

San Antonio Bars/Clubs/Taverns: Urban Bricks, The Point Park and Eats, The Growler Exchange, El Luchador, Larder, Kunstler Brewing, Franky Diablos, Cullums Attagirl, Coffeacianado, Burleson Yard Beer Garden,

San Antonio Restaurants: B&B Smokehouse, Smoke Shack Meat Market, Mellow Mushroom, Halcyon Stella Public , Alida Cafe, Blue Star Provisions, and Market Barbeque.

San Antonio Hotels: Embassy Suites at Brooks, Hotel Havana.

Kerrville: Grape Juice, Grape & Grain Liquors,  and Basement Brewers of Texas.

Fredericksburg:  Judy's Liquor, Sozial Haus.

Boerne: Z's Wood Fired Pizza

Blanco: Gillen's Candies + Wine

Austin: Thoms Market SG, Thoms Market ER, East 1st Grocery, and Bee Grocery.

Click HERE for updated list.

In February of 2019, Southside Craft Soda finished their initial bottling run at the Alamo Beer Company. TexaCola is a refreshing citrus soda made with Texas-grown lemons, limes and oranges, pure sugar cane, hyperlocal honey and other natural flavors. The company hosted a TexaCola Launch Party at the B&B Smokehouse (2619 Pleasanton Road, San Antonio), on Saturday, March 9th, 2019.

In addition to TexaCola, Southside Craft Soda will be introducing Beeville Honey Vanilla, Limoncito, and other flavors soon to follow.

For sales inquires, contact Emily Spickler, Director of Sales at or call 210-834-4869.

Southside Craft Soda

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