South San Antonio High School Graduates Offer Scholarships for Seniors

In early 2020, Veteran owned MoBros Real Estate Group was founded by four brothers from the Southside of San Antonio. The brothers are all graduates of South San Antonio High School and have earned degrees in business, law enforcement, and aeronautics. The brothers collectively have over 12 years of experience in residential real estate. Three Morales brothers live in San Antonio and one lives in Philadelphia, his final duty station. 

MoBros is a family organization that started with a strong foundation, ideals of hard work and helping people. Their parents, Sylvia and George Morales raised 8 successful children. Sylvia Morales instilled faith and the love of God. She has always taught her children the amount of good you put out into the world will always come back to you and helping those in need is what we are put on earth to do. George Morales, a decorated Marine Vietnam veteran, ensured that the family understood what hard work meant and that a man’s word is everything. Faith in God, as well a strong sense of service before self is what separates MoBros Real Estate Group from other companies. “To whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48) is a family favorite passage.

MoBros is a veteran owned and operated organization, learning about service from their father, three of Mobros founding members served in the military. Geoffrey Morales is an aircraft mechanic on KC-10’s with over 24 years of military service and is currently a SMSgt in the 714 AMXS AMC United States Air Force Reserve. Gerard Morales served as a Recon Marine and deployed to Iraq twice with the 4th Recon Battalion, 4th Marine Division, a highly decorated unit located in San Antonio, Texas. Gary Morales served in the United States Army 1st Battalion/3rd Regiment Armored Cavalry Regiment, deployed to Iraq Feb. 2005-April 2006. Gary Morales received a combat action badge, during deployment the Humvee Gary was riding in drove over an IED, improvised explosive device destroying the Humvee, Gary survived and was able to render aid to others that were injured in the blast.

The idea of working together in real estate came about one day while having a discussion on how to buy a property in Philadelphia. Being hundreds of miles away from the property the brothers were still able to collaborate on strategies and acquisition ideas with Geoffrey facilitating the process. They came to the conclusion that with their skills, knowledge, and experience their efforts would be formidable. Geoffrey aka The Facilitator, sets out to run Mobros REG efficiently to meet their business goals. Gerard, CEO of Texas Veterans Security brings a wealth of knowledge in capital acquisition and disposition. Gary tackles the management of the properties for Mobros REG. Gabriel began his venture in real estate with M5 Property Solutions. Gabriel’s 20 years of experience in helping clients meet their monetary goals adds a significant amount of value when talking to clients. 

In 2021, amid the pandemic, the Mobros Real Estate Group decided to offer two scholarships to South San Antonio High School graduates. Understanding the costs associated with attending higher education institutions, Mobros wanted to give back to the Southside community that not only educated them, but also and taught them the meaning of hard work and sacrifice.

The scholarship’s goal is to alleviate some of the expenses for our fellow South San graduates and their families to attend college. The family’s legacy starts with South San as 11 family members attended and received High School diplomas. The oldest brother was the first in the family to attend college through a football scholarship, even though he was awarded a financial package, there were still unforeseen costs associated with the school that the family did not necessarily consider as a first-generation college household. His ability to complete his education inspired seven of his siblings to obtain a college education to include one brother receiving his PH.D and another brother receiving his Juris Doctorate. They hope their story and the scholarship motivates and inspires their fellow Bobcats to further their education.

The Mobros Real Estate Scholarship Fund will grant (1) $500.00 sholarship for a graduate attending a 4 college / University and (2)  $250 scholarships to graduates attending  a 2 year college to graduating seniors from South San Antonio High School. For more information about the scholarship, click HERE.

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