Seafood Restaurants in the Southside of San Antonio

Seafood Restaurants in the Southside of San Antonio

A seafood restaurant is one that specializes in seafood cuisine and dishes, such as those that are prepared with fish, clams, crab, lobster and shrimp. San Antonio’s South side is home to quite a few seafood restaurants.

Arredondo's Seafood Cafe-  Blue plate winners Arredondo's Seafood Cafe is located at 1908 W Southcross Blvd. One of their popular items is their family orders of fish and sides. Quoted as "the best fish in town", you'll have to visit and see for yourself. The seafood place is also known for their homemade sweets. They are open 7 days a week.

Image Courtesy of Arredondo's Seafood

Bud Jones Restaurant- Bud Jones Restaurant is located at 1440 SW Military Drive. The restaurant, established by Bud Jones in 1958, was first opened as a fish-and-chips restaurant. Sadly, Jones died in 2018 at the age of 93 and his daughter now runs the restaurant, carrying on her father’s tradition. A popular item on their menu is the Gulf Seafood Platter. The platter comes with 1 fried fish filet, 3 medium shrimp, 2 oysters and 1 deviled crab, along with a choice of 2 sides- baked potato, coleslaw, French fries, mashed potatoes, onion rings, soup of the day, tossed green salad or vegetable of the day.

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Caballito Del Mar Seafood Restaurant- Caballito Del Mar Seafood Restaurant is located at 951 New Laredo Highway. One of the popular menu items at the restaurant is the Seafood Quesadilla Plate, which is served with a salad and a choice of French fries, toast or tortillas. The quesadilla is a 10-inch flour tortilla that is filled with crab, fish, shrimp, mozzarella cheese and rice.

Fred’s Fish Fry- Fred’s Fish Fry has 16 location in San Antonio, with 6 of them being in the South Side area. One of their popular menu items is the Regular Fish Meal, which comes with 3 pieces of fish, French fries, 2 slices of bread, tartar sauce and ketchup.

J. Anthony’s Seafood Café- J. Anthony’s Seafood Café has 4 locations throughout San Antonio, including one at 3015 South Presa Street. Established in 1983, one of their popular menu items is the Fish & Shrimp Plate, which comes with 2 pieces of fried fish, 2 pieces of fried jumbo shrimp, jalapeno hushpuppies and choice of 2 sides- Cajun rice, coleslaw, corn, mashed potatoes or stewed vegetables.

Image by J. Anthony's Seafood Cafe

Laguna Madre Seafood Company- Laguna Madre Seafood Company is a seafood restaurant that is owned and operated by Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. They have 5 locations throughout San Antonio, including one at 402 SW Military Drive. The Fish & Shrimp Plate Combo Meal is a popular menu item at the restaurant. The meal comes with 1 piece of fried cod, 6 fried shrimp, French fries, coleslaw, bread and a large iced tea.

Long John Silver’s- Long John Silver’s is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in seafood cuisine. The restaurant’s name comes from one of the main characters, cook/pirate Long John Silver, from the 1883 novel- Treasure Island- by Robert Louis Stevenson. A popular item on their menu is the Fish Combo Meal, which comes with 2 pieces of battered fish, 2 golden hushpuppies, choice of 1 side- coleslaw, French fries, green beans, kernel corn, onion rings or rice- and a 20-ounce drink.

Neptune’s Seafood House- Neptune’s Seafood House has been one of San Antonio’s favorite seafood restaurant for over 30 years. The family-owned establishment is located at 1922 Goliad Road. The restaurant features their Neptune Platter, which comes with 3 pieces of fried fish, 3 pieces of fried shrimp, 3 pieces of fried oyster, 1 stuffed crab, French fries, coleslaw and a small seafood gumbo.

Red Lobster- Red Lobster is a casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in seafood cuisine. Established in 1968, Red Lobster currently has over 700 locations around the world, including 6 locations throughout San Antonio. Popular at Red Lobster is their Weekday Win Menu- 5 days, 5 deals, just $15 each, which is available Monday through Friday from 11am-6pm.

Image Courtesy of Rudy's Seafood

Rudy’s Seafood- According to their website, Rudy’s Seafood has been a South Side tradition for over 50 years. Located at 4122 South Flores Street, they first opened their doors in 1960. One of their popular menu items is the Grilled Tilapia Plate, which features garlic and herb seasoned tilapia, grilled in olive oil and served with sweet potato fries and a choice of coleslaw or a salad.

Sea Island Shrimp House- Sea Island Shrimp House has 7 locations in San Antonio, including one at 2119 SW Military Drive. The restaurant was established in 1912 as a café and then in 1965, the first Sea Island Shrimp House opened for business. The Seafood Platter is a popular menu item at the restaurant. The platter comes with 2 fried colossal shrimp, 2 stuffed shrimp, 2 fried oysters, 1 hand-breaded whitefish filet, a choice of a baguette or hushpuppies and a choice of 2 sides- black beans, coleslaw, corn cobette, French fries, green bean salad, green beans, rice pilaf or spinach.

Sherry's Texan- Formally known as "The Texan" and reopened in May of 2013. Sherry's Texan is known for their seafood platters that have portions large enough to share. This family friendly restaurant not only serves seafood, they also serve comfort food faves like chicken fried steak, hamburgers, and salads. They're open 6 days a week and closed on Mondays.

Image Courtesy of Sherry's Texan

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