Pre-K 4 SA – City Base Location

Pre-K SA- City Base Location

One of my duties as an ambassador for the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is to learn about and share all the great events and opportunities for all ages in my community. This summer I was invited to tour the Pre-K 4 SA City Base location. The facility was amazing, and the faculty was extremely welcoming and shared all the great things the school’s curriculum had to offer.  Pre K 4 Sa

By sending your child to Pre-K 4 SA not only will they be learning math, science, language and art. it'll enable him/her to be prepared for educational success in kindergarten as well as be more comfortable in a classroom with teachers and fellow students. Experiencing these daily activities will help develop a passion for learning in a positive atmospherePre K 4 SA

What makes Pre-K 4 SA so special is that they are the only pre-kindergarten program in San Antonio that contains expert certified master teachers in every classroom and use a teaching style to nurture confidence, problem solving, and critical thinking. My favorite part of the tour was the cute outdoor area and garden. Pre K SA

This summer Pre-K 4 SA and New Frontiers Public Schools have joined forces to create the first and only public charter school partnership (to date) offering high-quality pre- k education to the families and students of South San Antonio. New Frontiers Public Schools is a tuition-free, local public charter school district located on the South Side of San Antonio at 4018 South Presa Street.  Pre K 4 SA

All New Frontiers pre-kindergarten students would attend the Pre-K 4 SA South Education Center, which is located a short distance from the New Frontiers campus. The South Education Center currently has openings, and this partnership makes those spaces available to New Frontiers families with eligible four-year-olds.Pre K 4 SA

Ways to enroll:

Online:  Apply Now

In person: Visit one of the Education Centers between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Computers available to complete online enrollment application)

Over the phone: Call 210-206-PREK (7735) Give your information over the phone to complete your application.



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