Mission Crafts Chandlery Debuts San Antonio Urban Legends Candles

Mission Crafts Chandlery is getting a little spooky this Fall, along with their usual Fall scents of cinnamon and pumpkin.  You can now get scents inspired by local urban legends and tales. If you aren’t sure what we are talking about, you can read all about the San Antonio Urban Legends on our site, but everyone around here knows these stories.

Donkey Lady Bridge Candle 

The people of San Antonio know better than to cross Donkey Lady Bridge in the dark.  Just outside of San Antonio, a mad farmer set fire to his house killing his children and horribly disfiguring his wife. The skin of her fingers melted together forming stumps and her face was horribly charred and disfigured resembling that of a donkey’s.  Her angry spirit is said to haunt the bridge over Elm Creek where her blood curdling brays can still be heard.


Candle Scent: pumpkin, cassia, clove, dark bourbon and toasted oak.

Ghost Tracks Candle 

Near Mission San Juan lie the fateful train tracks where the lives of several sleeping school children came to a tragic end. On the way home, the school bus stalled over the tracks and the driver was unable to start the bus in time to move out of the way of the blinding lights of a powerful and fast train.  Don’t be surprised if you find the handprints of children on your car the next time you cross these infamous tracks. It is believed the ghosts of the children still linger to help others safely across.


Candle Scent: bergamot, black raspberry, strawberry and jasmine.

La Llorona Candle 

Jealousy is dangerous. According to legend, a scorned woman drowned her children to get revenge on her cheating husband. Riddled with guilt after her horrific act, she drowned herself right after. Her soul was banished to haunting waterways for eternity where her cries can still be heard. Don’t fall victim to the regretful weeps of a guilty mother’s soul next time you are by a river.


Candle Scent: black rose, spiced patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla

The Scents are seriously spooktacular. You can purchase these and other candles online. Mission Craft Chandlery is officially moving to the 1010 S. Flores building in the King William | Southtown Neighborhood. This means their Roosevelt | Southcross location is permanently closed until they reopen in Mid-October at their store’s new home.

At the new location, you will be able to come in and make candles during open pouring hours, take classes (for kids and adults), book the classroom for private candle making parties, and shop scented gifts from talented makers from all over the country. In the meantime shop online at www.missionchandlery.com and grab tickets to our next candle making party #GirlsNight which is September 22!

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