Mission Crafts Chandlery launches FIRST candle “bar” in Southtown

Mission Crafts Chandlery opened San Antonio’s first candle pour “bar” located in the Southtown’s historic King William Neighborhood at 1010 South Flores, Suite 106, San Antonio, Texas 78204

The new store location will feature fragrance products crafted by makers from all over the United States, plus a candle “bar” where customers can participate in the art of candle making in DIY style by selecting their own vessel from a wall of glassware and mix their very own custom scent from a selection of curated fragrance oils. The other services Mission Crafts offers are the popular themed candle making parties for both adults and children. The new retail location will also double as Mission Crafts’ production studio for the company’s custom fragrance products.
“When I decided to bring the candle bar to the front of our company’s services my intention was to create a space where people can partake in the art of fragrance design and bridge the natural relationship scent has with human emotions and memory. It’s a space where people can craft something unique to themselves and the world they have created around them”, mentions Anguiano.

Marcie Anguiano launched her business in 2019 and since then has grown the company to become a household name in the custom fragrance products industry. Mission Crafts has designed custom fragrances for clients such as Alamo Colleges, University of Texas at San Antonio, Trinity University, Mosaic Hotel Group, Palisades Hospitality Group, Teach for America amongst others. Mission Crafts’ name to fame is its exclusive Heritage Collection. From this collection you can find a thoughtfully curated collection of scented candles representing each one of San Antonio’s beloved missions. The Heritage Collection can be found in the Canopy Hilton Hotel, Estancia del Norte Hotel amongst other retail partners.

The candle business also got a little spooky this Fall along with their usual Fall scents of cinnamon and pumpkin with their San Antonio Urban Legends candle line. Visit the candle shop’s website at: https://www.missionchandlery.com.


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