Maximo’s Grill Opening Up to Honor Late Friend

Max Escobedo was a well known member of the South San community as a beloved son, brother, friend, and coach. Sadly, he passed away on August 2nd, 2019 as a result of heart complications. His loss was felt by the entire community, especially for his best friend and brother from another mother, David Fernandez. Prior to his death, Max had expressed his desire to own a food truck and even worked a few food trucks prior to his passing. Fernandez knew of his best friend’s dream and shortly after his death, he decided it was time to make that dream a reality. Fernandez dedicated the truck in memory of Max by naming the food truck Maximo’s Grill and incorporating his image into the logo. “I ran it by his mother and his sister and they supported the idea and we made sure to include their input into the planning as well”, Fernandez explained. Along with the support of Max’s family, the South San community is excited to see the extension of their friend’s legacy.

Prior to Max’s death, Fernandez along with his wife Liz, were frequent visitors of various food trucks. In particular, they frequented The Block, which is a food truck near UTSA; the environment is extremely relaxed with a family atmosphere. Several food trucks post up at the location and patrons are able to enjoy a variety of food while spending time outdoors with the family. They sell beer and other alcoholic beverages for the adults and the park has a playground for the kids to enjoy. One thing noticed by the Fernandez couple was lack of options for children at the food trucks. “My husband and I could easily enjoy a meal at any of those food trucks but our children would refuse to eat”, she explained, “Afterward, we’d still have to go and get food for our kids”. The couple made it a point to offer something the other food trucks are not. “We wanted to make sure we offered something for the entire family”, Fernandez stated.

Thinking long term Fernandez would like to open the first food truck park on the Southside. “The idea is to have a place for local food trucks to sell their food”, he shared, “In conjunction, I want to offer a family-like atmosphere with picnic tables where people could hang out, have good conversation, and eat good food”.

Maximo’s Grill had their grand opening on January 8, 2021 and now located at 1120 Gillette Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78224. They will be serving cheesesteaks, buffalo chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, crispy chicken tenders, loaded fries, and the old time favorite “crispy dogs”. 

Follow them on @maximosgrillsa on Facebook & Instagram.

Article by Live from the Southside journalist: Melissa Torres


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