Le Cirque Artists Live Gives Back to the Southside Community

Le Cirque Artists Live, presented by Darkside Creative, is a Cirque event coming to the Lila Cockrell Theater Thanksgiving weekend.

Le Cirque Artists Live

Executive Show producers Salvador Salangsang and Jason Hodge have made it part of the productions mission statement to give back to the community. Councilwoman Dr. Rocha Garcia helped connect the organization to a school with an established and award-winning drama club made up of students with a passion for the performing arts, the Sky Harbour Dolphin Drama Club (Southwest ISD).

With this show he is giving $10,000 to the Arts foundation in scholarships. He is also working with Telemundo and the Grand Hyatt to help him achieve his goal in performing here in San Antonio again and Giving back.

San Antonio District 4 Councilwoman, Adriana Rocha Garcia was also in attendance for the announcement of this amazing show. She said, " San Antonio is full of people who love to come back to their communities and give back to the residents who make San Antonio feel like home. I want to thank Sal Salangsang and his team for offering 600 tickets to families who would otherwise not be able to afford to see a theatre production."

"I absolutely love the arts and so happy that this opportunity is being provided by the Le Cirque Artists Live team to our Southside San Antonio community. The magic of seeing LIVE shows such as these are an inspiration to our youth", CEO/Editor in Chief of Live from the Southside April Monterrosa mentioned.

The Councilwoman also thanked, Ernest J. Martinez, Chairman of the Cesar E. Chavez Legacy & Educational Foundation for sharing the importance of investing in our students and supporting their diverse interests.

The event will donate proceeds from the shows to the Southwest Independent School District in the form of scholarships, they are also offering 600 show tickets to underprivileged families throughout San Antonio who may otherwise not be able to afford to attend a theatre production. The event will be held at the Lila Cockrell Theatre, November 26, 27, & 28, 2021 and tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster.



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