Kid’s Korner: “Hard Work” by Students of Oak Crest Elementary School (East Central ISD)

"Hard Work"

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TKKK. TKKK. TKKK. My sugar glider crab is so loud!  A time I really worked hard was when I cleaned up my sugar gliders’ three cages to earn money. It was so worth it because when I was done I earned my allowance. Do you have a pet you have to clean up?

First of all, cleaning my sugar gliders’ three cages to earn money is a lot! Taking out the really dirty pooped pads and adding new ones is disgusting. And, cleaning up crumbs and food under the pads is even worse because it’s super tiny and I have to scoop it up like ice cream. I have to put the sugar gliders in three different kinds of fluffy pouches. The sugar gliders are annoying and loud, maybe a little too loud.  You’ve never worked hard until you have cleaned the dirty cages of seven rowdy, obnoxious, and irritating sugar gliders.

However, it was so worth it in the end because I earned my allowance. I earned $20 for doing it. I mean it is worth it, right? I also wanted to help my mom because she's always doing work. I did it all by myself. I used the money to buy stuff on Amazon and the “pulga”. 

So you can obviously see that it was really hard to clean up my sugar glider's three cages, but it all paid off in the end. Having a lot of sugar gliders is tough, but don’t get me wrong.  They are very loving. Do you work hard at taking care of your pets? By:  Emily Aguilar


Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. There are so many animals on our land. A time I really worked hard was when I went to New Mexico to help finish what needed to be done to our cabin. It was all worth it because now my family and I can go to New Mexico and stay in our cabin on Christmas and other holidays.

Have you ever worked hard at something? First of all, when I helped with the cabin in New Mexico I helped pick up trash and sticks in the backyard. I carried food and drinks up the stairs like water, soda, and juice. I also helped my grandpa and cousin build a small fire pit. Helping to make a treehouse was another thing I did to help.

However all the hard work paid off in the end because the backyard is clean and clear. My brother and I collected some sticks, and we like to build tiny towns out of sticks so now we can. When I carried food and drinks up the stairs, it was worth it because while we were there I could eat and drink. It was good that I helped build the fire pit because now we can have a fire, especially on cold nights. It definitely was worth it to build a treehouse because all of the kids that go there can hangout and play in it.

So you can obviously see, I worked really hard. All because somebody told me to try hard and never give up. So if there is something you think you can not do, if you put your mind to it you can do it. By: Brenley Bjork

“Thump... Thump... Thump!” That’s the sound of many children’s feet thumping on the track as we run one lap around. A time I worked hard is when I accomplished my goal in Running Club. I really wanted to beat my other opponents and beat my record. Have you ever worked hard?                   

First of all, it was very challenging, but I reached my goal. In order to reach my goal, I practiced a LOT at home and even at recess. I would run a lot so my body could get used to running a quarter mile. I worked on Endurance and Stamina and I always did exercises before I ran to stretch. It paid off so much that I just had to write about it! 

It was worth it because now, I can actually beat my opponents. Also, now I’m able to run one lap non stop without slowing down. My old record was 2:04 and now my record is 1:36. I used to not be able to beat a few boys in Running Club, but now I’m pretty sure I can beat most of the boys there.

We once read a book and it said “There is always someone worse off than you”, and in Running Club it means that there is always someone slower than you, but you have to work hard in order to accomplish your goal. Do you ever worry about your speed? By: Cassidy Prudhomme


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