International Women’s Day Spotlight: MISSION SHOPPE

In honor of International Women’s Day, today we spotlight Mission Shoppe owner, Marcie Anguiano and were able to gathered a few words from her on how her entrepreneur journey began. Here is what she shared with us...

There was a time in my life six years ago where I felt like the universe had significantly paused my life.  I was a single mom of a two-year old and felt completely lost without direction. On my hardest days, I would cry and look up to the sky begging for guidance or a sign to follow. One night as I sat on my couch flipping through photos, I came across one I had taken earlier in the day of Mission Concepcion and just smiled with the warmest feeling in my heart. I’ve always adored the Missions and their canny way of reminding us faith is everlasting despite our mortality.

Then it happened, a spark of energy and all the ideas for Mission Shoppe flooded my mind – colors, smells, designs…it was the sign I had been yearning for! The lesson learned from this almost celestial experience is that when you truly focus on the thing that makes your heart fill with warmth then this is the path you are meant to follow. Don’t ever ignore this feeling no matter how cloudy things may seem because this is called your purpose. Once you experience it then the desire to continue feeling your heart warm will push farther then you ever thought possible.Mission Shoppe

It’s important to note Mission Shoppe didn’t happen overnight. It took me five years to develop but I kept following the direction my heart told me. Today, I am creating collections that simply make me smile and ones I hope will make others smile too. There’s power in joy and if I can share it through candles, pillows and other lovely things then I’ve spread positive energy into the world and that’s just awesome!

Mission Shoppe features items including baskets and pottery, Canary Islander dolls, candles, home accents, mood lighting, stained glass, throw pillows and wall décor.

Marcie was the former Development Director of Dress for Success San Antonio and continues to be an amazing supporter of our organization.  Over time, Marcie has donated her time and talents, several Mission Shoppe items for our silent auctions and goodie bags for VIP night events,  worked alongside a group of businesswomen for our recent “Couture & Coffee Fashion Show” and organized last year’s Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Live From The Southside has partnered up with Dress for Success San Antonio to spotlight and celebrate local San Antonio businesswomen and invite you to discover her story- her journey to success. 

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