International Women’s Day Spotlight: Carlynne Fikes

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we continue to celebrate local San Antonio businesswomen. Today, we spotlight Carbonlily owner Carlynne Fikes.  We caught up with Carla and she shared the following about her entrepreneur journey…

“Not one day goes by that I don’t have song lyrics floating around in my head. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. You could always find me bop’n, humming or whistling to a tune. Having spent the earlier portion of my adolescence in foster care and in group homes, I learned very quickly that if I didn’t keep myself occupied, it was easy to focus on the misfortune of my circumstances or get myself into trouble. At least, that was the case for me until I picked up an acoustic guitar.”

It was the perfect match because now I had the means with which I could accompany myself. I never thought my passion for singing and playing guitar would lead me to becoming a successful musician and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. I still pinch myself when people offer to pay money for me to do something that I absolutely love -SING! My company, CARBONLILY, provides customized live music performances for private and corporate events. I’m always excited for the opportunity to share my gift with others!”

Carla provided a lovely vocal performance at our Holiday VIP Sale Night this past December and received many kudos from attendees.

Please visit for upcoming events and videos. You can reach Carlynne Fikes via email:, and also follow her journey on Instagram @carbonlilysa and Facebook under Carbonlily!

International Women's Day - Live From The Southside

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