Instagrammable Spots in San Antonio

On September 4, 2018, the verb Instagram and the adjective Instagrammable officially became part of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. According to the dictionary, Instagram is defined as “to post a picture to the Instagram photo-sharing service and Instagrammable is defined as “to snag an Instagrammable moment.” However, Lexico has a more specific definition of Instagrammable- “Visually appealing in a way that is suitable for being photographed for posting on the social media application Instagram.” 


Hayes Street Bridge- 803 North Cherry Street- Former railroad bridge now open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only. Built in 1881, the bridge was opened in 1910, with a two-lane road, as a way to move traffic between downtown and the East Side. With San Antonio’s skyline perfectly set in the background, the bridge is a popular spot for all types of photo shoots. San Antonio Current posted- 35 Photos of the Hays Street Bridge: An Instagram Portrait- featuring stunning day and night views and images.

Historic Market Square- 514 West Commerce Street- Market Square is a three-block outdoor plaza that is lined with restaurants and shops, in vibrant-colored surroundings. The Mexican market features beautiful wall art, colorful streets and festive shops and restaurants, which are all Instagram-worthy. Part of the colorful streets are the rows and rows of striking, vivid-colored flags flying above the streets, which look dazzling even at night. Travel photographer, Jim Nix, named Market Square as one of the top photo spots in San Antonio, featuring a vibrant photo of the exterior of La Margarita Mexican Restaurant.

Mission San Jose- 6701 San Jose Drive- Mission San Jose is a Spanish frontier mission that was established in 1720, by prominent Franciscan missionary Father Antonio Margil de Jesus. Known as the “Queen of the Missions,” it is the largest of the missions, sprawled over 51 acres, and is part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, the grounds feature a granary supported by flying buttresses, Indian living quarters, working gristmill, stone walls and an active Catholic church, showcasing the famous Rose Window on the south wall of the church sacristy. The American Southwest features two gorgeous photos that are totally instagrammable- the gardens and walkways along Mission San Jose and the tower in the front of the mission.


Burgerteca- 403 Blue Star, Suite 105- Casual locale for Mexican-influenced comforts, cocktails & desserts in a vibrant, upbeat environment. The décor features a lemon-yellow and tangerine colored room, whimsical brightly colored chandeliers and a large statue of a fat skeleton mariachi with cherry-red eyes.

Mi Tierra Café & Bakery- 218 Produce Row (Historic Market Square)- Landmark Mexican cafe & bakery with classic fare, margaritas & mariachis in festive digs open 24/7. The restaurant interior features the gigantic “American Dream” mural, by artist Robert Ytuarte, which celebrates the achievements and success of some of San Antonio’s most prominent Latinos. Mi Tierra also features an altar/shrine dedicated to Selena, the Queen of Tejano music.

Ocho Restaurant & Bar- 1015 Navarro Street- Pan-Latin fare and mojitos, with an old-world charm vibe, in a chic riverside restaurant & lounge in Hotel Havana. The establishment showcases colorful décor with walls of windows. One of the interior décor highlights are the teal-colored chairs with marble white tables.

Paramour Bar- 102 9th Street #400- An energetic and unique indoor lounge/rooftop bar that overlooks the River Walk and the downtown skyline. The bar showcases funky, colorful and trendy décor, furniture and light up signs. Also showcased is a craft cocktail bar featuring a long list of beer, cocktails and wine.


Breakfast Tacos” Mural- By artist Eva Marengo Sanchez- Located on the side of the Page Barteau Catering building at 2332 North St. Mary’s Street.

Cardi B.- (A tribute to rapper Cardi B.)- By artist Colton Valentine- Located at 802 San Pedro Avenue- The mural recently got a coronavirus-themed update when Valentine added a mask and changed the original “Eeeoowww!” to “Corona virus!!! Shit is real!” Cardi B herself even shared the post on her page. The original mural made its debut in March of 2019.

Let’s Fiesta” Mural- By Los Otros Murals (Nik Soupe and Shek Vega)- Located in the parking lot of the Facility RX building at 2715 North St. Mary’s Street.

You Belong Here” Mural- By artist Ruben Rojas- Located at Essex Modern City at 51 Essex Street.


Japanese Tea Garden- 3853 North St. Mary’s Street (Brackenridge Park)- Located on the site of a former rock quarry, the garden features a 60-foot waterfall, Japanese pavilion, koi fish ponds, magical walkways, stone arch bridges and stunning landscape. Also, on the property is the Jingu House Café, which offers an array of light meals and teas.

San Antonio Botanical Garden- 555 Funston Place- Established in 1980, San Antonio’s official botanical garden features 38 acres of conservatories, flowers, historical structures, plants, ponds, scenic trails, an amphitheater and a café. The garden serves as a conservation and research facility, entertainment venue, living classroom, museum of plants and tranquil escape.


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