6 Influencers on the Southside of San Antonio

Dictionary.com defines an influencer as “a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.” Influencer Marketing Hub defines an influencer as someone who has “a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages. The size of the following depends on the size of his/her topic of the niche.” Here are some amazing influencers from San Antonio’s Southside. 

Amy Lynn- Amy Lynn Johnson is a digital media consultant, editor and freelance writer. She is the founder of Dog Friendly San Antonio, which she launched in the Spring of 2018, a website featuring the latest events, news and dog-friendly goings-on in the city, from a dog’s eye view. The site hosts regular events, including Yappy Hour, Fall Fur Festival and Santa Paws Parade and Costume Contest. She is also the creator of Maker Mama, which features DIY and creative reuse ideas. Every Friday, Amy Lynn goes on Facebook Live to provide viewers with DIY Digital and Phone Photography Tips.

April Monterrosa- April Monterrosa is the founder of Live From The Southside, an informational media outlet and marketing consulting business that helps San Antonio residents and visitors find things to do in the south side of San Antonio, surrounding areas and throughout Texas. She is a content creator, photographer, social media influencer and writer that focuses on inspiring and motivating others to make time for adventure, fun and self-care. April is the owner of Shine Beautifully Spa Studio, which specializes in skin care and self-care consulting, as well as the published author of Shine Beautifully: A Collection of Innermost Thoughts, Quotes & Poetry. In addition, April is a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the City of San Antonio and an ambassador & member of the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, on the Palo Alto College Cosmetology Advisory committee, a member of Texas Auto Writers Association, a James Avery Artisan Jewelry ambassador and works with several brands throughout the state of Texas.

Luisa Garcia- Luisa Garcia is the face and the voice behind The San Antonio Socialista, a lifestyle blog/marketing consulting business. She is a blogger, personal marketing consultant, photographer and radio co-host, who writes and is passionate about faith, family, fashion, fitness, food and fun. She started the blog so that she could share her love for local food and events, as well as to promote small businesses that she supports. Luisa has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University at San Antonio. In 2014, she was the Marketing Chair for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.

Roy Aguillon- The Carpenters Apprentice is an online talk show with a tagline that reads- Real people. Real stories. Real fun. According to the talk show’s Facebook page, The Carpenters Apprentice is “a humble family team from the south side of San Antonio. We create video content that highlights the unique stories and experiences of community members.” To date, The Carpenters Apprentice has produced 683 video podcasts, which can be found on Facebook and Instagram. In an interview with Spectrum News, titled “South Side Native Making A Difference With Online Talk Show,” Roy Aguillon talks about the show’s origin, stating “I kept meeting all these people in the community and I kept thinking how can I get what they’re telling me, all these incredible stories, to the people? But then - even more - how could I get everybody together in one place so that together we could do something really incredible? The show was kind of born out of that idea.”

Stephanie Guerra- The founder of Puro Pinche, a culture and entertainment website focusing on San Antonio local music, art, and events. Stephanie started blogging in 2010 and works with several public relation firms and major concert venues. She loves the tech world and is a Geekdom member. Stephanie was also featured in the panel discussion at SXSW “Blogueras: Latinas & The Importance of Their Voice.” Her goal has always been to showcase how “puro” San Antonio is and she obviously has reached her goal and has the awards to prove it. She has been the recipient of many awards including the San Antonio Magazine 2012, & Best Social Media Personality.

Tammi Solis- Girl Unfinished is a blog that is designed to help women navigate their unfinished life, through an array of amazing tips and tricks. According to Tammi Solis’ Facebook page, she started the blog to “help the everyday woman put herself first, more often, thru self-care, spirituality, and personal growth practices.” Her Instagram pretty much sums everything up- her title is Confidence Creator, with an inspirational caption that reads- “I went from sad, angry and depressed to fierce, confident and empowered. You can totally do it too, let me show you how.”

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