Halloween Safety Tips and Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

“Don’t Be Scared. Be Prepared” to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

Source: Metro Health

Safe Trick-or-Treating Tips for Kids and Parents

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Traditional Halloween masks do not provide adequate protection against COVID-19. Use a cloth or surgical mask with your costume.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use it frequently.
  • Limit the size of your group to those within your household.
  • Avoid going inside other people’s homes.
  • Only enjoy pre-packaged treats.
  • Wash your hands when you return home if you go trick-or-treating.

Alternative Activities to Celebrate Safely

  • Carve or decorate pumpkins outside with neighbors or friends.
  • Have a “Halloween treat” hunt in your backyard with your kids.
  • Celebrate with a piñata in your backyard for your children.
  • Have a movie night with your immediate family, if inviting others, consider an outdoor gathering.
  • For individuals who are mindful of consuming too much sugar on Halloween, use healthy food alternatives at home like pre-packaged fruits and vegetables.

Safe Ways to Hand Out Treats

  • Don’t hand out treats if you or someone in your household is sick.
  • Everyone should wash their hands before passing out treats.
  • Instead of handing out treats from a bowl, set up a table with individually wrapped bags of treats for kids to take.
  • Disinfect the table periodically.
  • When preparing treat bags, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after.

Safe Adult Halloween Activities

  • Don’t go out if you are feeling sick – even if you think it’s just allergies.
  • Limit gatherings with people outside of your household. It’s best to play it safe.
  • If you plan to host or go to a Halloween party, plan an outdoor gathering instead of indoors.
  • If you’re at a party, gathering in small groups is safer.
  • Avoid crowded indoor parties and skip haunted houses where you will be close to people outside your household.
  • If you are at a celebration with people outside your household, wear a mask.
  • Do not drink and drive.

Last-Minute Halloween Makeup

Here are some fabulous spooky makeup ideas that can be paired with a simple outfit from your closet, but they will convince your friends that you’ve been planning your costume for weeks! Check them out:

Use two makeup sponges to create creepy devil horns! Cut up each sponge to make them seem jagged and pointed. Then, paint them red and add some black detail on the point of each horn. Use makeup glue to adhere the sponges to each side of your forehead and add a bit of red eyeshadow around each horn. Pair this look with a red dress, and you’ll be the most beautiful (and scariest) devil at the party!

Make your face into an unzipped portal to outer space! Paint spirit gum onto your face in an upside-down V shape. Adhere an unzipped zipper to the gum and paint the area inside the zipper with a dark blue or black face paint. Add some purple eye shadow as highlighter and use white eyeliner to create some stars. Do your eye makeup with the same purple and white shades, add a black dress, and voila! Your costume will be out of this world!

Create a zombie mermaid look using fishnet stockings! Place the stocking over your face, and use blue, purple, and green makeup as if you’re doing a heavily contoured look. Remove the stocking, use darker shades of the same pallet to do your eyes, and add a stitched mouth. Pair this look with any cool-colored fit, and you’re ready to go!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

For those who still need to get vaccinated, you can find a list of pop-up clinics at  www.covid19.sanantonio.gov or call 311 and select option 8. Vaccinations are also available at the Alamodome drive-thru clinic in Lot B from noon to 8 p.m. Wednesdays-Fridays. No appointment needed.

Metro Health continues to offer a $100 H-E-B gift card for those who have yet to be fully vaccinated. The incentive is available at Metro Health pop-up clinics only and at the Alamodome while supplies last.

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