Halloween/Fall things to do in San Antonio

HaSan Antonio is an incredible city, and you always have all kinds of activities and things to do. Which does make you wonder, what kind of activities are there during the fall and Halloween season? Here are a few interesting things you can do this fall in San Antonio!

Zoo Boo! - San Antonio Zoo

This is a cool event because it encourages a costume contest for attendees at the zoo. There are also prizes and all kinds of bonuses. It’s an interesting event that brings in all kinds of fun to kids of all ages.

Enter the 13th Floor Haunted House

The 13th Floor Haunted House is one of the longest running and oldest Halloween attractions. It’s a lot of fun to get there, and it’s a spooky place to visit with tons of twists and turns. Simply put, if you love scary stuff, you will find this to be downright incredible, and well worth checking it out.

Visit SeaWorld

There are all kinds of great rides here, and the fall has ideal weather for this kind of stuff. You will also enjoy some animal centric shows, many of which are available only during the fall. So there’s plenty of exclusive, fun Halloween stuff to do if you visit SeaWorld during the fall.

Explore The Cave Without a Name

This living cavern comes with 2 miles of interconnecting cave systems. It has lots of stalagmites and stalactites. There are also walkways and 6 main rooms that you can explore, which is extremely important to take into consideration. It was used as a moonshine distillery during the 20s, but now it’s a great attraction.

Texas Wine Trail tour

Fall is the perfect time when you can enjoy a tour of the Texas Wine Trail. There’s a lot to learn here, from the way people prepared wine years ago, to the current wine varieties that are available now. It’s a trip down history lane, and you can also enjoy some great wine too, which is amazing.

San Antonio Children’s Museum

Visiting the San Antonio Children’s Museum is a great idea since they have a free family night. You and your kids can learn a lot of great stuff, and it’s a wonderful way to encourage your kids to explore and challenge their curiosity.

Explore the Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is beautiful, and it’s a sight to behold for the entire family. A lot of people come here to unwind and relax, and it’s one of the coolest places that you can see in this region.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of things to do in San Antonio during the fall. While there are plenty of scary activities to try out, you will find yourself impressed with their unique appeal and enjoyability. We recommend you try out as many of these activities as possible, and you will be impressed with them quite a bit. Plus, it’s a great way to try out something new and one of the many activities and places that San Antonio has to offer.

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