Fireball Chili Cook-Off 2022 (Crock-Pot Edition) is coming to the Southside

Do you make awesome chili and/or cornbread? If so, you want to be a contestant at the Fireball Chili Cook-Off (Crock-Pot Edition)! If you love eating chili and cornbread, then you should come on out to the cook-off and enjoy on SUNDAY, JANUARY 16, 2022 AT 12 PM – 9 PM at Brooster's Backyard Icehouse at 815 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214.

Sponsored by Fireball & Live from the Southside Magazine.

The event is OPEN to the Public, family and pets are welcomed!!!

Event Agenda:

1pm-3pm Cornhole contest
3pm-4pm Cornbread contest
4pm-5pm Chili contest

LIVE music by Los Scorpiones from 7pm-9pm $3 Fireball shots & $4 Specialty Fireball Drinks.

To be a contestant, here is the following info:

Chili contestant - $25 entry fee
1st place winnings - $200
2nd place winnings - $100
3rd place winnings - $50

Cornbread contestant - $10 entry fee
1st place winnings - $100
2nd place winnings - $50
3rd place winnings - $25

*Electricity be provided*

Cornhole contestant - $5 entry fee
1st place winnings - $50
2nd place winnings - $25
3rd place winnings - $10

For more information, reach out to Brooster's Backyard Icehouse on Facebook.

***Purchase a ticket to be a VIP (limited amount available) at the Fireball Chili Cook-Off! What that includes: Entrance fee, reserved seating, cornbread & chili tastings, 1 FREE drink (your choice), a complimentary shot of Fireball, & a chance to win a Fireball statue and jacket.***

Click HERE for VIP tickets!


The timeless, Western favorites of chili and cornbread have always been a staple for every family’s Sunday football celebration. The spicy chili and sweet cornbread are the perfect pairing for all kinds of fall gatherings.

This classic couple got its start here in America in 1989 at a Spanish themed food stand in Chicago. It has since grown into a main dish served on most American-style restaurant menus.

Many regions vying for the title of best chili have challenged the traditional make up of the dish. The most famous of these variations is Cincinnati-style chili. This chili is saucier and is garnished with unusual toppings. Other styles include Wisconsin style and St. Louis style. Another common style of chili is chili verde, which is green chili and is commonly used in burritos.

Chili is the official meal of the state of Texas and is often used for events such as cook offs or tailgates.

Cornbread originated in America and was first cooked by the Native Americans and the colonists. Source:

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