Country Music & Softball for a Cause at Colt’s Sports Park

Local Texas Country Artists are joining forces for a friendly softball game and live performances at Colt’s Sports Park to raise funds to give back to The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

“The reason why I am putting on this event is to give back to The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, through their foundation. I chose the children’s hospital because I previously suffered from a medical condition called Supra-ventricular tachycardia, or SVT for short. This condition affects the heart and heart rate when the normal electrical impulses get disturbed which causes the heart rate to shoot up to a faster rate than usual. But, with treatments and surgeries at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, I was cleared, and now I can do what I love without any hesitation’, mentions Texas Country Artist Trisdon Federic, who is spearheading the community event.

Federic’s goal is to raise as much funds as possible to be able to provide the hospital with certain necessities the kids need to overcome their obstacles, and chase their dreams the way he was able to.

Some of the Country artists that will be donating their time and participating in this event are Mario Flores, Gabe Garcia, Mario Moreno, Luke Prater, Justin Gallegos, Nate De Leon, Texas Double Shot, Vinny Tovar, Austin Alexander, Brandon Ford, Salestial Alcoser, Trey Gonzalez, and Jake Botello. More will soon be announced. 

The event’s itinerary: 

12:45pm - warm up
1:10pm - National Anthem
1:15pm - First pitch
1:20pm - Chuck Miketinac announces rosters
1:30pm - Ball game starts

Team Red 🔴: Mario Moreno (Texas Double Shot,) David, Fox, Emily, & Raul Jake Botello (The Ranch Road Band) Ryan & Nick Matt Tejeda Richie B (Chase the Night) LJ, Nate, & Money.

Team Blue 🔵: Trisdon Federic, Mario Flores, Gabe Garcia, Luke Prater, Austin Alexander, Justin Gallegos, Nate De Leon, Vinny Tovar, Jordan Gauna, Trey Gonzalez, Selestial Alcoser, Brandon Ford,  Chuck Wimer

3:00pm - Ball game ends

Concert starts:
3:30pm -4:30pm - Ranch Road Band, Jake botello, Chuck Wimer, Richie B, Matt Tejeda, Mario Moreno, and Chase the Night.
4:45pm - 5:45pm - Vinny Tovar, Nate De Leon, Jordan Gauna, Justin Gallegos, Brandon Ford, Trey Gonzalez, and Selestial Alcoser.
6:00pm- 7:00pm - Mario Flores, Gabe Garcia, Trisdon Federic, Texas Double Shot, Luke Prater, and Austin Alexander.


Grab your tickets HERE.

Singer songwriter Trisdon Federic was born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio, Texas. Trisdon began playing music through his middle school Mariachi Band, under the direction of once Tejano singer, “Esmeralda Jaime”, where he learned to play guitar. Though playing within his school band, this was only a hobby for him, Trisdon’s true love was Football. He had been playing Football since he was 4-years old and had dreams of playing college football and on to the NFL. Things were looking up for Trisdon in high school, he earned a spot as the starting Center in the San Antonio Sports All-Star Football Game, which opened doors for recruitment at the College Level, earning him the opportunity to commit to play at Texas Lutheran University in nearby Seguin, Texas. During his time in Seguin, music really prevailed in Trisdon’s life.

Due to some injuries for the first time ever Trisdon was faced with the question, “Do I continue to play the game I’ve played for 14-years of my life, or do I chase my new found music dream?” And that’s just what he did, he left school to focus on music full-time.

So far Trisdon has released 4-singles, “You, Beach Vibes, 84 Old Ford, and Livin’ Up” respectively.

His biggest success has come from “84 Old Ford” and “Beach Vibes”, where “84 Old Ford” earned a top 50 placement on Billboard's Texas Country Chart. As for “Beach Vibes”, it landed in the top 75 for Billboards Texas Country Chart, earned numerous #1’s across radio stations along the Gulf Coast, and earned Trisdon’s first award nomination for Best Song Collaboration for the International Red Carpet Awards in Europe. With the title track of the new EP “Livin’ up”, already released it gives his fans a little taste of what is to come with his new music. Showing his style of country music from some of his hero’s all the way from Cody Johnson to John Mayer, combined with his smooth vocals the sky's the limit for this young artist.


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