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Dr. Ray Altamirano owns Casa Salud Family Medicine on the South side of San Antonio. He is native of South Side San Antonio and a graduate of Harlandale High School c/o 1998, and Texas A&M Aggie c/o 2002. His parents came from Coahuila, Mexico to contribute and thrive in this great land; he is a first generation American.

He shares his take with us on what’s going on today…

“It’s not about you: the average person with marginal health risk. It’s about your dad with COPD or abuelita who might not survive. If they fall ill and get access to a ventilator, they tend to have favorable outcomes. Without ICU care, they may die. The scary truth is that there are NOT enough ventilators and ICUs for them.” Says Dr. Altamirano.

Be part of the solution by doing the following:

  1. Wash your hands often.
  2. Stay home if you can.
  3. Do not hoard groceries, the panic increases when we buy than needed “just in case” This leads to people crowding the stores, defeating the purpose of social distancing.
  4. Consider removing yourself from social media if your anxiety is unbearable. Follow CDC guidelines directly for daily updates instead.
  5. Text share to 741741 cross hotline for help.
  6. Since most doctors’ offices are closed, consider TeleVisits. Check with your health insurance for remote visits, they may be free or at a discount with your current doctor.
  7. If you do NOT have health insurance (if your doctors’ office does not conduct TeleVisits) we can help via TeleVisits at
  8. We are extending our services to include TeleHealth visits for acute illness and medication refills (non-narcotic) on chronic meds with proof of previous prescription. WE WILL NOT BE TESTING FOR THE CORONAVIRUS.
  9. Please be courteous and considerate to all!

Casa Salud is dedicated to serving America’s most vulnerable population: The Sick Uninsured. Casa Salud Family Medicine Clinic is located at 7127 Somerset Road, San Antonio, Texas 78211. For an appointment contact: for availability or text (830) 582-8333.

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