5 Facebook Groups You Should Join at this Time

San Antonio hasn’t been quite the same since the Coronavirus has graced us with its uninvited presence. It’s been a challenge for some to find eggs, milk, toilet paper, and other necessities. In true San Antonio fashion, a few locals have created Facebook groups as sources of information for the SA community.

Here are 5 Facebook groups you should join at this time:

    1. Grocery Supply Update San Antonio and Surrounding – This group shares what stores and locations are stocked with certain supplies. It’s been useful for many and there are almost 28k members from throughout the city and surrounding areas.
    2. SA COVID-19 Help – This group also helps the community of San Antonio and surrounding areas with leads to find groceries, supplies, and what businesses are offering markets and to-go orders.
    3. San Antonio Curbside Restaurants – This group helps local restaurants get the word out on their curbside, deliver, and pick-up services. Menus of all kinds of restaurants are posted daily.
    4. SATX Quarantined – Looking for a laugh, funny memes, or some online socializing? This groups takes the “laughter is the best medicine” approach to the COVID -19. If you are offended easily and no open-minded, this group isn’t for you.
    5. Start With Your Street SA – Connecting San Antonio neighborhoods one street at a time, this group influences reaching out to your neighbor and assist them with resources they are unable to get themselves.San Antonio Facebook Groups - Southside
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